About Me

You can call me Andrew, Andy, or whatever you’d like.

It doesn’t matter; I’m pretty easygoing. Anyway, I’m an Adventure Blogger, Photographer, and UI/UX Designer who’s always had a burning desire to get out there and explore.

welcome to my adventure blog

Not sure about you, but I start getting anxiety when I haven’t traveled anywhere in a while

This is where you can read some super-useful travel info, photography tutorials, and some health / wellness tips I’m learning along the way. Through these tips, you’ll be able to follow my travels around the US and beyond. I want to show you how to travel affordably, spend your money on experiences instead of things, and broaden your horizons…and how to take envy-inducing Instagram photos. That’s always a plus.

Travel With Me!

Follow along with my journeys and learn about some epic travel destinations, see how to take incredible photos while you’re there, and practice wellness along the way.

Plot twist, I’ve only been on this plane once

From the Cubicle to the World

I work (present tense) a 9-5 like just about everyone else. There’s nothing that separates me from you. I’ve figured out, through a lot of reading / mistakes / help / feedback how to travel without quitting my day job. That means a bunch of quick weekend trips, with longer treks you can take with your two-week vacation days. You can live a life of adventure without abandoning your career! Sound like having your cake and eating it too? Of course it does. That’s because you’re supposed to eat cake, not just have it.

Why do I call it an Adventure Blog?

I call this site an adventure blog instead of a travel blog because there’s a key difference between the two words. To most people, travel means going somewhere exotic and spending a lot of money.

Adventure is a fluid term; an adventure
can be whatever you want it to be!

A trip to a national park down the road can be an adventure. Going skydiving in the next town over can be an adventure. Hell, even finding the best food-spots in your town can be an adventure. It’s up to you to decide what the word means in your life. If that makes you worry, don’t! Figuring all of this out is the fun part.

I hope you’ll follow along
on my journey!

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