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Andrew Uncharted started two years ago on the idea of maximizing your travel while still working a 9-5 job. I still hold that idea close to my heart. You truly don’t need to quit your job to adventure often. That being said, being free from the corporate grind and traveling indefinitely has been a long-term, bucket list dream of mine (seriously, ask my mom).

It’ll be a long journey starting with planning, actually leaving, and continuing to stay on the road. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going, for how long, and where I’ll end up. That being said, click below to read more about my thoughts on this trip, what drove me to do it, and more. Cheers! 🍺 

This page is where you’ll be able to keep up with my travels, see new posts, check out new travel videos, and more! I’ll be writing content pretty consistently, so keep checking back for more updates! Cheers!

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A few of you asked me to talk about how I budgeted for my trip abroad. Well, it’s simple! It’s all about planning out how and where you’re going to travel. Once you know that information, you can start estimating what your cost / day per country will be. Then, it’s as simple as deciding how frugally you want to live and what sorts of activities you want to participate in. Then, you’ll have your budget!

Figuring out if you can work on the road will definitely help you decide where you can stay and how long you can travel for.

Stay tuned!

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Thoughts After 3 Weeks of Solo Travel

It’s been a wild time in Ireland. I’ve learned how to drive manual in a trial by fire, drank with all manners of travelers until the wee hours of the morning, met a countless number of new friends, and grown exponentially more confident in myself.

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